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Original Song Publishing

Tucson, AZ *Seattle, WA
Deal Direct

Deal Direct Don’t get left out We have 102 original songs to choose from, and on our website 24 Original songs on our website with exclusive rights to record 3 individual artists for 2 years.


We have Top 24 Original Songs to choose from Need some heavy hitters to record this music Would that be you?

Work directly with us on your next original recording

OSP Music offers original music for artists, bands, and actors who need to show off their vocal skills as well as up-and-coming vocalists who haven’t yet had a hit song.

Choose a demo

We have many demos to choose from; find one you feel you can improve on. We currently have 102 songs on YouTube—the top 24 songs are on our website. We have created tracks for two independent feature films in New York and New Zealand. Our song “The Train” was featured on MTV’s show 16 and Pregnant.

Can’t decide?

Send us an mp3 track showcasing the type of vocalist you are and we can make recommendations from our song base in at least three different genres. You can also receive feedback on your submitted track from artists who have been in the music business for decades. This is upon request at no extra charge and has a turnaround time of 3 to 4 weeks. Contact us through our website or right here. 

How much will this cost me?

The up-front fee starts at $100.00 to exclusive rights at $2,800 per song plus % after you recoup your initial up-front investment. Discounts are available for albums with more than five cuts. Large publishing companies do not make this kind of offer; they want the money you should be making. We are a small company that cares and will help you along as we grow.

Exclusive rights to the song

For two years, after which time the song becomes available to other artists.

A standard contract is provided by OSP Music, but you should have any legal document reviewed by a lawyer. No song owned by OSP Music may be passed on to a third party without written permission from OSP Music. (

About OSP Music, LLC.

Singer/Songwriter/Publisher Dave Porter of Original Song Publishing, OSP Music LLC, in Tucson, Arizona, has put together a catalog of more than six decades of original songs and music. A.S.C.A.P.

 Finding my niche in the music industry

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has taken some time. Call me the “Idea Man,” since that’s where a song starts. When you can give an idea to 5 or 6 gifted lyricists, it makes my job of writing the music so easy. You can find out more under the Opportunity for Lyricist tab.

When I was in my early 20s, I didn’t think I was going to get anywhere, but looking back at the last 50 years, I can say I really did do a lot. I was just too young and living too fast to recognize the growth.

I was part of a comedy team called Morris and Porter when I was 24. In August of 1968, we were on a tour of Japan, Okinawa, Bangkok, Taipei, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines doing two and three shows a day. What an honor it was talking with and entertaining the women & men serving! One the highlights was opening for the Supremes at Clark Air Force Base.

At 27, I was playing in Palm Springs, California, at Gillies Restaurant. Frank Sinatra and his daughter were having dinner and enjoying the music I played. I thought Frank and Nancy came to hear me, but later I was told that Frank actually was part owner of the club.

I tell you this part of the story because I am writing a book, and I today realized I was living so fast that I actually was 8 or 10 years ahead of where I should’ve been. Now, for the first time, I’m actually living in the present. I realized that music I was performing—songs by Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, James Brown, Conway Twitty, Ernest Tub, Johnny Cash, Peter, Paul and Mary, John Denver, Aretha Franklin, The Beatles —were exactly what was happening, day by day.

But most of my early song writing came from my heart and feelings and true stories. I hope you enjoy them, but today I’m actually writing because I understand the pain of others and what they’re going through; in other words, it’s not all about me.

Presently, I’m working with six other lyricists, connecting with many different platforms, musicians, music supervisors, and organizations like iTunes, Amazon, Song Cast, as well as movies, TV, and four recording studios in Fort Myers, Nashville, Tucson, and Seattle. 

Our goal is to present the very best original songs for major artists, TV programs, and movies.


Explore Our Past

This group of pictures starts with the Morris & Porter comedy team at the Mt. Airy Lodge on the east coast, then on to Mount Poconos, New York, and Connecticut. From there I went on playing as a single act Dave Porter to the west coast, stopping at  Palm Springs, San Diego, Vallejo, and then a trip far north to Seattle.

  • 1973: Dave Porter (left) at the Royal Inn, SeaTac, Washington.

View Our Present

At this time, we are finishing up 70+ (original lyric) videos on YouTube.  The artists we are contacting are also included.

Follow our Future

At least 3 major artists recording our music
A podcast and live interviews
Direct downloads
New book (currently in progress)
Opportunities to invest in future royalties
Live stream music from Nashville
Directly work with publisher
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for mechanical licensing, Continue working on Animation project for Children’s Story
Continue progress with MTV, Finish up new blues album “Blue As I Can Be”, Release goal before
August 1 st
June through September we would like to travel and perform and do speaking engagements for younger songwriters. Also spend some time with songs for soldiers. September 2021 Hatfield and McCoy reunion Pikeville Kentucky.