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OSP Music, LLC
Tucson, Arizona



Dave Porter, Original Song Publishing A.S.C.A.P.
Musical Director & PR for OSP Music, LLC. Visionary Records

Prospectus for 2020/22
Goal: Raise $100,000 to promote 10 songs.
4,000 ($25) investors = $100,000

Each investor will choose which song(s) they would like to promote. Investors can purchase a full share or increments of one; 1/20 of a share is $25. One full share is $500.00 One full share max, per investor per song. You may invest in more than one song.

The important part is the pay-out. It works like this. You invest in 1/20th of a share $25.00 and from the royalties of the song you are paid $50.00. After all investors are paid back their initial investment all investors will divide up 20% of the songs income the flowing year basted on, one full share or increments of one; 1/20 on your original amount invested.  

  OSP Music has the right to pay off investors at any time. This can happen if a song gets hot and recorded by many artists. Each investor will be given a copy of the song(s) they invest in and will be informed of OSP Music’s progress of the songs. Investor information will not be shared with anyone else.

Purchasing 1/20 of a share would be a great Christmas gift for that special music lover. Again, thank you for the help, and Merry Christmas. Persons name if gift. If you are giving as a gift that person will receive all  the future income and amount invested.  

(OSP Music picked the first 10 songs based on info tracking, YouTube response, and other information.) 

This opportunity opens December 15, 2020.

I’ll be forever grateful for your support and help.

A special thank you to all others who are donating their time to help me realize my dream.  

Here is a little more explanation of how the music earns revenue. Royalties and long-term income mechanical licenses create, streaming, movies, TV ads, and radio air time, among other avenues, will supply income.

If an artist would like to record and hold exclusive rights of one of our songs, it may cost $3,500 or more upfront, plus a percentage of their sales. This is only for one song and a non-exclusive contract to use it (it’s always best to have more people wanting to record a song).

There are plenty of wonderful investments to choose from, such as the inside pick from Joe B. Come On Man.

Remember, with the passion you have, you can do anything when you include others.

Thanks again,


Top 10 Songs

The Train

The Lord is Coming 

God Fearing Men


Come On Man 

When You Going to Tell Her About Me?

Hatfields & McCoys 

Golden Years

It’s That Time of Year

Caundo LL Daris De Mi