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Opportunity for Lyricists

Do you feel you have the skill to write words that, if combined with the right music, could be sold to bands and artists on their way up, or even a major artist? Let OSP Music help you to decide. Send the lyrics for a song you have written, and if your song is selected, we’ll record your words with our music. Some lyrics may need to be edited. We’ll send the song to you mp.3 in two to three weeks.

We would be partners: 25% for your words, 25% for our music, and 50% to OSP Music for publishing and promoting it. The song will be for sale online on Amazon, iTunes, and our web site will provide a sample for music supervisors.

OSP Music can contract with interested third parties that would like to use the song.

At present, OSP Music, LLC is working with

Chris Scott          Ronnie Dean            Kylee & Sam

Mike Wise           Ron Whiteman

Pet Tomack         Pat Walsh


Why are we doing this for free? Well, some writers just can’t afford the cost of their dreams. We understand and want to represent the BEST original songs and ideas we can find. If we record your words, it means we think your words and our music together can make a hit.

There is no charge to you. You have 30 days after hearing the song to decide whether you would like to increase your percentage from 25% to 40%. This would cost $825. Payments can be arranged.  

Contracts are five to seven years and can be renewed for three more years if OSP Music feels there is still potential (we have had music written in 1975 rerecorded in 2016). We will consider all works sent to us and will notify the writer in three to five weeks.

Many people have a unique story or idea that only they can tell. Contact us with your idea, thought, or song.                    

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

You should always have a contract explained to you by a lawyer.