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First Bands

  • The Stick Shifts

  • Justine and the Gents

  • Dave Porter and The Stardusters

  • Dave Porter Solo

  • Morris and Porter Comedy

    Very First Band



    The Stick Shifts 1962

    In 1962, our band, The Stick Shifts, was rockin’, complete with matching guitars and outfits. The Ventures were popular and our show-stopping song was Wipe Out. We played weekly at school dances, roller rinks, or even in someone’s garage. Bucky played the drums and Dave sang vocals with a guitar. I cannot remember the names of the other band members; I would like to hear from all of them.

    Dave Porter and The Stardusters 1964/65

    Mike           Dave               Joe                     Jeff

    Mike Hunafard keys, horn & vocal; Joe Cisneros bass & vocal; Jeff on drums

    Just some of the places we played: Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Florida.

    2020/Got a note from the bass player’s wife and still in love after all these years! from Karen C.

    It’s been said that life turns on a dime.  In late spring of 1965 lives were changed on said dime. 

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    Accompanied by my mother and two of my sisters I made the acquaintance of a rock band at the local ”hot” night spot. Going by the name Justine and the Gents were bassman Joe, drummer Alan and lead guitar/singer Dave. Justine had apparently just exited stage right. 

    Quite a group of character they were. Joe, dark and charming and oh-so-handsome, Alan, a bit more aloof but fun and silliness just under the surface and Dave, the star of the show, a born entertainer. They put on a great show, music was spot on and their jokes and antics were instantly appealing to the audience.

    Turns out I married that bassman Joe and went on the road with the band. An unforgettable experience for a just-graduated schoolgirl. Many an afternoon was spent playing the latest records to glean the lyrics while Joe worked on the chords. Specifically, I recall doing this in a cottage on the Mississippi River in Moline, Illinois, while Dave overhauled an outboard motor in the living room. Just another day in the life.

    By this time, there were a few new band members:  Rick and Judy Sobeck (guitar and vocals) and Jimmy Fossum on drums. Gigs were at smallish clubs in the upper Midwest.

    This went on for a few months, then things changed again. The band signed on with a new manager, Graham Prince out of New York, I think. Enter keyboardist Mike Hunniford and drummer Jeff Bedwell. The band, now known as Dave Porter and the Stardusters, began doing a little less rock and roll and learned more standards. It was intuited that Mr. Prince had his eye on Dave as a solo act but was willing to accommodate the band. Bookings now included backing up singers and other performers at larger clubs.

    In January of 1966, on word that Mr. Prince had bookings farther south, we all headed for Florida. Turns out, we bypassed a gig in Georgia as “someone” had their sights on Florida. It worked out  that there were a few jobs around the Hollywood and Melbourne areas, but nothing steady. A few nights were spent sleeping in cars and cleaning up at a local church. Not a care in the world, but it was nice to be somewhere warm for part of the winter.

    Late winter and spring of 1966 were spent in and around Illinois, our home base. The band played some local clubs and reconnected with many other musician friends.

    In spring, we headed to Detroit for a job at “The Penthouse” downtown. Things were about to change again. Like countless other bands, ideas differed among the members. It was decided that each would go their separate ways. 

    It was a fun ride!

    The Morris & Porter Comedy Act got together in 1967/68

    Pennsylvania was a great place to craft an act. In an hour, we could play at The Comedy Store in New York or a strip club in Connecticut. The Catskills was where the money was at the time; from Poconos Mountain to Scranton, Pennsylvania. Bob Morris did great impressions. Dave did a weak Jerry Lewis but was good with guitar and vocals. I sure would like to hear from Bob.

    The most enjoyment we had was when we went to Thailand in 1968. Vietnam was going strong that August when I was turning 24. We did three hour-long shows every night. The men I talked with gave me a better understanding of the war and it still makes me proud when I see a vet and thank him for all he has given. The best time we had was at Clark Air Force Base Philippines. We were the opening act for The Supremes.

                         PORTER                                           MORRIS


               MAUREEN                                            DAVE

    Introducing Timepeace—total entertainment at its best. Timepeace can present an evening of sheer delight for you. Songs to bring back wonderful memories or create new and meaningful ones.

    Timepeace: two people bringing good entertainment, and a comfortable atmosphere to public lounges. Who has proven themselves more capable than Maureen Peters and Dave Porter?

    Maureen Peters brings a fresh, bubbly spirit only a redhead can extend. Maureen sings a wonderful variety of songs, from oldies to your favorite show tunes and keeps up with the latest releases.

    Dave Porter is a true inspiration to the world of entertainment. Music and entertainment have been a way of life for Dave. From high school bands to the entertaining of soldiers overseas, from small, intimate lounges to the largest of resorts. A balance of guitar and banjo skills, personality, and a strong voice, Dave can bring a room of thousands to tears or dancing to a happy beat of ol’ time polka. Dave even writes and produces his own material.

    Dave and Maureen wish to bring peace and fulfilment to all, for “Sometimes we can help each other along the way.” Relating to the mood of their audience every evening is a new and wonderful experience for them.

    Combining two exciting talents—the excellence of guitar, singing, and popularity of Dave Porter with the unique freshness of Maureen’s voice and personality has proven beneficial for the world over, providing evenings full of music, dancing, and fun for music lovers of all genres, from country to show tunes to the Top 10.

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    Dave Porter a true inspiration to the world of entertainment. Music and entertainment has been a way of life for Dave. From high school bands to the entertaining of soldiers overseas. From a small intimate lounge to the largest of resorts. A balance of guitar and banjo skills, personality and a strong voice, Dave can bring a room of thousands to a happy beat of ol’ time polka or a lonely tear. Not limited in his talents he continues writing and producing his own material as well.

    Bringing the combination of two exciting talents the excellence of guitar, singing and popularity of Dave Porter, to the unique freshness of Maureen’s voice and personality, has proven beneficial for the world to see. Furnishing entertainment for music lovers – soft evenings full of music – dancing, fun, happiness.

    Dave and Maureen wish to bring a time for peace and fulfillment for “Sometimes we can help each other along the way.” Involving themselves with the mood of the people every evening is a new experience. An evening of country to the top ten. Show tunes to inspire you – Old favorites to remind you – All of this and two of the most fascinating

    WKRP in Cincinnati

    Premiered: September 18, 1978. Last Aired: April 21, 1982

    The song HUGGY BEAR by Dave Porter on WKRP in Cincinnati, an MTM (Mary Tyler Moore) production, aired on CBS. WKRP was created by Hugh Wilson, who had previously written scripts for MTM’s The Bob Newhart Show and served as a producer on the short-lived MTM production The Tony Randall Show. MTM, which had not had a big comedy hit since Rhoda several years earlier, was counting on WKRP to draw viewers in.


    Dave Porter

    Everyone should own a restaurant at least once in their life

    I left Vallejo, California for a two week job playing at the Royal Inn at SeaTac International Airport.

    The two-week job ended up being eight months, a divorce, a marriage and three great girls that I love so much.

    I ended up playing the Seattle area for about six years before deciding to look for a restaurant I could make into a special food and music scene.  

    I was getting tired of playing my music for all the other restaurants in Seattle/Tacoma area. I loved to cook, eat, and drink (not in that order), so having my own restaurant and a steady gig was perfect.

    I found a place called The Porthole in Des Moines Marina, just south of the airport.

    It started out as just a hole in the wall, but I changed the name to Breakers and turned it into a 2000-square foot fish and chips, beer drinking local hang out from 1979 to 1998. I still miss all the people.


    Southern Wind 1984

    Dave Porter – Vocal & Bass; Ronnie Dean – Vocal & Guitar; Jerry Wald – Drums

    Seattle-based trio, heavy on Southern rock and Top 40.

    After an Alaskan tour in 1984/85, Dave recorded many cassettes, CDs, and many single cuts, and has had his songs played MTV’s 16 and Pregnant. Presently, he is working two new CDs, 35 Miles South and Nashville Now and Then.

    {Free Way Ride} {You’re The Magic} {The Porters} {Hatfields & McCoys} {A Child Was Born} {On The Street, words by Lyricist Chris Scott}


      Featured Music

      The Train has been featured on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant

      Where Do Clouds Go /re-make Feel The Magic